Los Angeles DUI Felony Attorney

If you or your loved one is facing a felony DUI charge in the Los Angeles area, contact the law offices of the Los Angeles DUI attorney as soon as possible.

You can be charged with a felony DUI in the state of California for any of the following reasons:

DUI convictions in other states apply as enhanceable offenses. Felony DUI convictions are punishable by time served in prison, especially if there was an accident with a serious bodily injury.

In the state of California, a DUI with an injury will result in a sentence in state prison. A DUI death will result in a charge for vehicular manslaughter and is also eligible for time in prison, perhaps even a life sentence.

Legally speaking, prior DUI convictions and prior DUI arrests are known as “wobblers.” Prosecutors will most always book the charges for these crimes as felonies; however the Los Angeles DUI attorney has much experience negotiating to decrease these charges during trial. The Los Angeles DUI lawyer will be able to work with the judge and the prosecution to minimize prison time and any other consequences faced in a specific case. Jail alternatives and probation sentences can be handed down with the right attorney.

At the law offices of the Los Angeles DUI lawyer, we know that a felony DUI can be completely life changing in the state of California. Contact us for a consultation regarding your DUI case today.